Evolution of TNBT 

Three years ago we set out with a mission to help accelerate the success of young entrepreneurs. We were absolutely blessed with the generosity of the community who helped build curriculum, mentor, and provide financial support to make our mission possible. We graduated three cohorts of entrepreneurs who successfully raised $8 million dollars, employed 90+ people, and will continue to go on to even bigger things. Despite the overwhelming success of the program, it was always frustrating that the demand for seats far outpaced supply. With the graduation of our final cohort, we will be saying farewell to TNBT. Stay tuned for a new initiative focused on even more scale-able and impactful ways to support youth in their pursuit of entrepreneurship and innovation! Please email info@wearetnbt.com to keep in touch about my future project launching this fall.  

Ryan Holmes
Chair & Co-Founder, The Next Big Thing


The Next Big Thing (TNBT) is a national charitable organization that empowers youth with the tools and skills they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.  TNBT identifies and empowers young change-makers, rule-breakers, and entrepreneurial spirits through our intensive Fellowship Program and Youth Ambassador Program. Through these programs, we connect young Canadians with a highly influential professional network, practical business and technical skills, and each other. We provide young individuals the 21st Century skill set they need to succeed in the Canadian and global economies, through our unique learning opportunities that address real, identified issues holding youth back from succeeding in today’s noisy business marketplace.



The TNBT brings together hands-on training, coaching, and professional services to accelerate youth entrepreneurs aged 17-25. Youth are connected with relevant mentors, learn essential, technical and business skills, and are introduced to a wide network of investment and business community leaders. Learn more about what we do and the current TNBT Entrepreneurs, and how YOU can be part of it!

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TNBT’s Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is an intro to entrepreneurial thinking and life that aims to help youth aged 13-18 to uncover their life goals and purpose. 

YAP events and workshops are designed to help youth to approach decisions about their career path with more knowledge about their options, and themselves.